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With over 24 years of experience in the hospitality industry, our team of travel sales professionals can assist you with the promotion of your boutique property, resort, event venue or destination,

Straightline Travel Marketing Group has team members worldwide. Our strategy is simple, on the ground, face to face representation of your product to agents, buyers and meeting planners. We represent your property, as if it was our own.

Straightline Travel is active in the majority of travel associations and attends both local, national and international trade shows throughout the year. In addition, we are active members and chapter directors for the home based travel agent and planner and have access to the thousands of agents working from home.

Our services include

Tradeshow Representation

Social Media Sales

Face to Face Visits

Coordination of Fam Trips and Qualification of Buyers


Collateral Support

If you require full service marketing, boots on the ground or simple trade show representation, all our experienced sales professionals the opportunity to support your venue.

How can we help?

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